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Merchandise Details
Safe and Healthy School Environments
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Merchandise Description
Edited by Howard Frumkin, Robert J. Geller, I. Leslie Rubin, and Janice Nodvin (2006)

Millions of children and adults across the nation spend their days in school buildings, and they need safe, healthy environments to thrive, learn, and succeed. This book explores the school environment using the methods and perspectives of environmental health science. Though environmental health has long been understood to be an important factor in workplaces, homes, and communities, this is the first book to address the same basic concerns in schools. The editors are physicians and educators trained in pediatrics, occupational and environmental medicine, and medical toxicology, and the authors are experts in their fields drawn from across the United States and abroad.

Each section of the book addresses a different concern facing schools today. In the first six sections, the various aspects of the school environment are examined. Chapters include the physical environment of the school, air quality issues, pest control, cleaning methods, food safety, safe designs of playgrounds and sports fields, crime and violence prevention, and transportation. In the last two sections, recommendations are made for school administrators on how to maximize the health of their schools. Appropriately evaluating the school environment, implementing strategies to address children and adults with disabilities, emphasizing health services, infectious disease prevention and recognition, and occupational health for faculty and staff are all addressed. The entire book is evidence-based, readable, generously illustrated, and practical. An indispensable resource for parents, school staff, administrators, government officials, and health professionals, this book is for anyone who cares about the health of our schools.
480 pages, hardback.

Table of Contents

1. Introduction: Safe and Healthy School Environments

Part I: The Physical Environment of the School
2. Crowding, Class Size, and School Size
3. Lighting
4. Noise
5. Temperature and Humidity
6. Ergonomics for Students and Staff
7. Animal Safety
8. Playgrounds: A 150 Year-Old Model
9. Injury Prevention

Part II: Air Quality in Schools
10. Indoor Air Quality
11. Mold
12. Outdoor Air Pollution

Part III: Toxic Hazards in Schools
13. Pest Control
14. Cleaning Materials and Methods
15. Chemical Exposures in and out of the Classroom

Part IV: Nutrition and Physical Activity
16. Food Safety
17. Nutrition at School: Creating a Healthy Food Environment
18. Safe and Healthy Sports Environments

Part V: Violence and Disasters
19. Violence and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design
20. Emergency Management

Part VI: Transportation to and from School
21. Safe School Travel
22. Healthy School Travel: Walking and Bicycling

Part VII: Managing for Safe and Health School Environments
23. High-Performance School Buildings
24. The Economics of Safe and Healthy Schools
25. Evaluating the School Environment
26. Children and Adults with Disabilities

Part VIII: Health Services in Schools: Environmental Health Aspects
27. Health Services at School: Environmental Considerations
28. Care of Asthmatic and Allergic Students
29. Infectious Disease in Schools: Prevention and Control
30. Occupational Health and Safety for Faculty and Staff


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