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Pandemic Influenza Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide for Businesses and Local Governments
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Merchandise Description
Vernon Dorisson (2007)

The world’s leading health authorities are united in their concerns about the potential for a global influenza pandemic. Thousands of pages have been written about the threat of an influenza pandemic spreading around the world. The missing piece of the planning puzzle is how to convert all of that information into a practical, useable plan for dealing with the effects of a pandemic. Pandemic Influenza Planning: A Step-by-Step Guide for Businesses and Local Governments reduces the volumes of information available to that which is most pertinent to the needs of businesses and local governments.

The planning guidelines in this book are presented in a logical series of steps to be taken to create a pandemic plan tailored to the specific needs of your organization. They are flexible enough to meet your specific planning needs yet concrete enough to provide clear direction during a time of turmoil as each wave of influenza sweeps the county. If you have any interest in or responsibility for creating or executing a pandemic influenza plan, you need this book!

The author is a 26-year fire service veteran in a Midwest fire department. During his career he moved from the rank of fire fighter to chief along with all the responsibilities and experiences that accompanied that rise through his department. That included years of developing training programs, creating training materials, and the delivery of those programs to a wide group of audiences in and outside of the fire service. The development of a pandemic planning guide is a natural extension of his past experiences and current responsibilities for disaster planning, including pandemic influenza planning. State and national recognition as an instructor and for a fire safety research project are among his accomplishments.
157 pages, hardback.

Table of Contents

Planning to Plan
Influenza Viruses—The Basics
Recent History of Pandemics
World Health Organization
U.S. Federal Government Response Stages
The Pandemic Planning Process
Plan Development Methodologies
Pandemic Influenza Planning Committee
Key Committee Positions and Responsibilities
Budgetary Considerations
Communications Plan

Security Plan

Business Continuity Plan
Business Continuity Planning Outline
Medical Plan
Patient Triage and Management
Community Containment Measures
Infection Control
Occupational Health
Vaccines and Antiviral Drugs
Training and Education Plan
Training Plan
Public Education Plan
Exercising the Plan

Errata / For More Information
Pandemic Planning and Background Information Resources

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