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Bioterrorism: A Guide for First Responders (Second Edition)
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Imaginatics Publishing (2003)

Bioterrorism: A Guide for First Responders
is an effective pocket guide specifically designed to help first responders deal with the unique nature of a biological terrorist attack. From personal protection to emergency actions to the guidelines for the 12 most probable biological agents, this book allows all responders to be on the same page, even when communications fail. Because of its ease of use and durability, this book is ideal for field use. It provides quick access to life saving information faster than any emergency response guidebook currently available. The second edition contains an additional 10 pages of emergency actions and general preparedness, and gives users quick access to potential signs and symptoms produced by biological agents through a global signs and symptoms matrix chart.

Features of the guide include:

  • compact size is ideal for pockets or a glove compartment;
  • spiral binding, heavy gauge plastic tab pages, and content listing on the front cover that allows users to quickly access sections under any conditions;
  • accurate and up-to-date information provides first responders with practical, life-saving information;
  • distinct grouping and color-coding of sections helps users find critical information faster than with any other emergency response guidebook; and
  • only the most critical information necessary for on-scene use is provided.

100 pages, spiral-bound paperback.

Table of Contents

General Preparedness
Botulinum Toxin
Staphylococcal Enterotoxin
T-2 Mycotoxin
Viral Hemorrhagic Fever

For each biological agent section, the following information is included:

Mode of Infection
Personal Protection
Emergency Actions
Signs & Symptoms
Infection Control
Clinical Specimens
Treatment (Contained Casualty Setting and Mass Casualty Setting)
Laboratory Tests/Findings
Post-Exposure Prophylaxis
Postmortem Precautions


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