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Merchandise Details
Environmental Law Handbook (22nd Edition)
Member Price$113.00
Non-Member Price$119.00
Merchandise Description

Editor Emeritus: Thomas F.P. Sullivan

Authors: Christopher L. Bell, R. William Brownell, Ronald E. Cardwell, David R. Case, Kevin A. Ewing, Jessica J.O. King, Stanley W. Landfair, Duke K. McCall, III, Marshall Lee Miller, Karen J. Nardi, Austin P. Olney, Thomas Richichi, John M. Scagnelli, James W. Spensley, Daniel M. Steinway, and Rolf R. von Oppenfeld (2014)


The Environmental Law Handbook continues to provide individuals across the country—professionals, professors, and students—with a comprehensive, up-to-date, and easy-to-read look at the major environmental, health, and safety laws affecting U.S. businesses and organizations. Because it is written by the country's leading environmental law firms, it provides the best, most reliable guidance anywhere.


Both professional environmental managers and students aspiring to careers in environmental management should keep the Environmental Law Handbook within arm's reach for thoughtful answers to regulatory questions like:

  • How do I ensure compliance with the regulations?
  • How do the latest environmental developments impact my operations?
  • How do we keep our operations efficient and our community safe?


This handbook begins with chapters on the fundamentals of environmental law and on issues of enforcement and liability. It then dives headfirst into the major laws, examining their history, scope, and requirements with a chapter devoted to each.


The 22nd edition of this well-known handbook has been thoroughly updated, covering major changes to the law and enforcement in the areas of clean air, clean water, climate change, oil pollution, and pollution prevention. This is an essential reference for environmental students and professionals, and anyone who wants the most up-to-date information available on environmental laws. Study reference for NEHA's REHS/RS exam.
1068 pages, hardback.



Table of Contents

About the Authors


1. Fundamentals of Environmental Law
2. Enforcement and Liability
3. Resource Conservation and Recovery Act
4. Underground Storage Tanks
5. Clean Air Act
6. Clean Water Act
7. Oil Pollution Act
8. Safe Drinking Water Act
9. Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act
10. National Environmental Policy Act
11. Climate Change and Environmental Law
12. Toxic Substances Control Act
13. Pesticides
14. Pollution Prevention Act
15. Emergency Planning and Community Right-to-Know Act
16. Occupational Safety and Health Act
17. Environmental Management Systems and Environmental Law




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