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Merchandise Details
Rodent Control: A Practical Guide for Pest Management
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Merchandise Description
Robert M. Corrigan (2001)

Eliminating the occasional mouse or rat around a building is typically not very difficult. But managing rodent infestations in our cities and towns under a wide variety of structural and environmental situations in a manner that is safe to the environment and to non-target animals, while also being cost effective for the consumer, is often much more of a challenge.

This book emphasizes a hands-on, practical approach to rodent pest management in structural environments. It is written for pest management professionals and other personnel involved in rodent control work such as food plants, warehouses, municipalities, zoological parks, and livestock operations.

The integrated pest management (IPM) approach is stressed throughout the text, beginning with a detailed chapter on conducting inspections, followed by individual chapters addressing the importance of sanitation and rodent proofing of our buildings to manipulate environments and render them less attractive and conducive for rodent infestations.

Six chapters then follow that address about 30 different site-specific management programs ranging from the simple single-family residence to the complexity of managing rodents in commercial facilities such as grocery stores, food plants, office buildings, and various livestock facilities. Sensitive accounts such as schools, zoological parks, nursing homes, and child-care facilities are also discussed.

Rodent Control: A Practical Guide for Pest Management Professionals is meant to be used by on-the-job technicians, management personnel responsible for planning and implementing control programs, and sales professionals needing guidance in correctly pricing rodent control programs for many different types of homes and businesses. This textbook will also prove helpful for those needing a quick-reference guide on rodent biology and behavior, baits, rodent control equipment, and practical assistance for reducing annoying and costly rodent callbacks.
355 pages, hardback.

Table of Contents
About the Author

Chapter 1. Introduction to the Rodent
Chapter 2. The Pest Significance of Commensal Rodents
Chapter 3. The House Mouse
Chapter 4. The Norway Rat
Chapter 5. The Roof Rat
Chapter 6. Deer Mice, Woodrats (Packrats) & Voles
Chapter 7. Practical Rodent Inspections
Chapter 8. Practical Sanitation Issues
Chapter 9. Practical Rodent Exclusion
Chapter 10. Rodent Traps & Other Non-Chemical Tools & Techniques
Chapter 11. Rodenticide Baits & Bait Stations
Chapter 12. Rodent Pest Management in Homes & Apartment Complexes
Chapter 13. Rodent Pest Management in Commercial Businesses
Chapter 14. Rodent Pest Management for the Food & Warehousing Industry
Chapter 15. Municipal Rodent Control Programs
Chapter 16. Rodent IPM for Livestock Facilities
Chapter 17. Challenging Rodent Control Situations


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