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Merchandise Details
Certified Pool-Spa Inspector™ Online Training Program
Sorry for the inconvenience, this product is no longer available.

Member Price$50.00
Non-Member Price$55.00
Merchandise Description
National Swimming Pool Foundation® (2011)

The Certified Pool-Spa Inspector™ (CPI™) Online Training Program and Handbook, launched jointly by the National Swimming Pool Foundation® and NEHA, is now available. The online course expands upon and replaces the popular CPI training CD introduced by both organizations in 2005. It is designed to help environmental health specialists conduct effective pool and spa inspections and to minimize exposure to public health hazards. It is cost effective and convenient because it can be accessed online, eliminating the need to travel.

The topics included in the course are:
  • operation and maintenance practices that focus on reducing risk,
  • the workings of the circulation system and its components,
  • procedures to evaluate a facility for Pool & Spa Safety Act (P&SS Act) compliance,
  • the unique hazards of spas and the specific inspection needed to ensure safety,
  • how to minimize recreational water illnesses,
  • the ways that operation and maintenance records relate to an inspection,
  • how aquatic play features have unique hazards and the specific inspection needs to ensure safety, and
  • teaching about swimming pool design standards and their impact on public health.
The interactive, self-paced course features narration, images, video, and exercises and can be completed in about two hours. In addition, online course registrants receive the accompanying handbook. A code to access the online course will be sent to you after your order is processed and a copy of the handbook will be mailed to you.  Approved for up to 4.0 hours of NEHA continuing education (CE) credits.
Online Course and Handbook (68 pages, paperback).

Handbook Table of Contents


Code Enforcement
Public Health Hazards
Injury and Illness Reporting

Operation and Maintenance
Pool Operation
Diving Depth Design Requirements
Deck Slides and Starting Block Design
Ladders and Steps Design
Deck Design
Depth Markings
Special-Purpose Pools
Water Treatment
Bathhouse and Toilet Facilities
pH Adjustment
Chemical Handling and Storage
Test Kits and Testing
Saturation Index for Swimming Pools
Microbiological Water Quality

Circulation Systems and Equipment
Surface Water Removal
Pumps and Strainers

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act

Relationship Between Flow Rate and Turnover Rate
Additional Requirements for Safety Devices or Systems
Five Forms of Entrapment
Turnover & Flow Rates
Flow Meters
Total Dynamic Head
Total Dynamic Head Measuring Meter
P&SS Act Compliance and Unblockable Drains
Enforcement of the P&SS Act

Warning Signs
Spa Circulation Systems
Disinfection and pH

Recreational Water Illnesses
How Are RWIs Spread?
CDC Fecal Incident Response Recommendations
Fecal Incident Log
Disinfection Times
Vomit and Blood Contamination
Suits and Towels

Supervision and Operating Records
Maximum Permissible Bather Use
Pool Rules
Lifesaving Equipment

Aquatic Play Features
Wave Pools
Activity Pools
Catch Pools
Water Slides
Continuous Surfing Pools
Interactive Play Features

Swimming Pool Design Standards
Typical Design Report
Ventilation Requirements
Water Supply and Wastewater Disposal

Appendix A: Revised Americans with Disability Act Regulations
Appendix B: Electrical Safety Audit Checklist
National Swimming Pool Foundation® Courses and Programs


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