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Merchandise Details
Public Health Leadership: Putting Principles into Practice (Third Edition)
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Merchandise Description

Catalog #931


Louis Rowitz (2014)

The importance of leadership in public health has steadily increased over the last 20 years, given the need to strengthen the infrastructure of public health; the events of September 11, 2001; the health reform movement; scientific breakthroughs; the increasing role for primary care programs in the public health agenda; and the increasing deficit at the federal, state, and local levels.


Public Health Leadership: Putting Principles Into Practice has become a standard reference for future and practicing public health leaders. In five parts, it explores the basic theories and principles of leadership and describes how they may be applied in the public health setting. Leadership skills and competencies, as well as methods for measuring and evaluating leaders, are thoroughly covered.


This new third edition is an exhaustive revision that includes extensive coverage of the leadership skills and tools that are critical to managing public health emergencies. The book includes an online access code to the companion Web site. It also offers

  • updated exercises and case studies throughout,
  • a new chapter on building infrastructure,
  • a new chapter on accreditation, and
  • a new chapter on the global public health leader.

738 pages, paperback.



Table of Contents

Preface to the Third Edition

An Author’s Vision—2001




Part I: Leadership Theories and Principles

1. The Basics of Leadership

2. Leadership Styles and Practices

3. The Interface Between Management and Leadership

4. A Systems and Complexity Perspective

5. The Leadership Wheel and Organizational Change

6. The Five Levels of Leadership


Part II: Leadership Applications in Public Health

7. Building Infrastructure

8. The Changing Public Health System

9. Introduction to the Core Functions of Public Health

10. Leadership and Assessment

11. Leadership and Policy Development

12. Public Health Law and Ethics

13. Leadership and Assurance

14. Leadership and Accreditation


Part III: Leadership and Preparedness

15. Traditional and Crisis Public Health Leaders

16. The Social Capital Perspective

17. Public Health Preparedness and Response


Part IV: Leadership Skills and Competencies

18. Leadership and Communication

19. Leadership and People Development

20. Leadership and the Planning Process

21. Leadership and Decision Making

22. Leadership and Community Engagement

23. Cultural Competency

24. Leadership and Change

25. Mentoring, Coaching, and Training in Public Health


Part V: Leadership, Evaluation, and Research

26. Measuring the Leader

27. Leadership Evaluation and Research


Part VI: The Future

28. The Global Public Health Leader

29. Leadership for the 21st Century






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