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Support NLADA's Justice Standards, Evaluation & Research Initiative

Though nearly 50 years have passed since the United States Supreme Court deemed the right to counsel "fundamental and essential to fair trials," indigent defense services in the United States are in a perpetual state of crisis. Many states either have been unable or unwilling to adequately fund and administer indigent defense delivery systems. Instead, they permit the judiciary to improperly inject itself into the defense function; force attorneys to carry excessive caseloads; fail to provide attorneys with the investigators, experts and support services they need to uphold the basic parameters of adequate performance; neglect to provide any type of meaningful supervision to hold lawyers accountable for less than zealous representation; and refuse to make available on-going training to keep attorneys abreast of ever-evolving criminal justice sciences.

Your donation to the Justice Standards, Evaluation & Research Initiative will allow us to continue to improve right to counsel services in compliance with nationally-recognized standards of justice. If you would like to contribute generally to the work of JSERI, you can do so at varying levels of:

  • Gideon Constitutional Defenders (donation of $10,000 or more);
  • Gideon Guardians (donation of $1,000 - $9,999);
  • Gideon Friends (donation of $10 to $999).

If you prefer to contribute to one of the specific projects, you can do so by:

  • a funding gift designated for a specific project;
  • offering your time to assist in the work of a specific project;
  • offering physical resources and talents such as computers, website development, etc.

All contributors (unless you prefer anonymity) will be recognized on JSERI's web-pages.

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