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Low Income Country (Resident-Citizen)
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Membership Description

Citizens or residents of low-income countries are eligible for PAA Membership at a discounted rate.  Membership dues may not be paid by a grant and the applicant may not receive an international salary.

Eligible countries are determined by the list developed by the World Bank.

Your membership in PAA includes:
> An online subscription the weekly member e-newsletter.
> Access to the PAA online membership directory and PAA Engage, the online community and discussion board.
> Membership in PAA provides several benefits associated with the PAA Annual Meeting including:

  • First opportunity to reserve a hotel room at the meeting property.
  • Discount on registration fees.
  • Opportunity to display your book publication (as primary author) at the PAA Book Display.
  • Reserve meeting space for free for your affiliated meeting.
Membership InformationThis is an Anniversary based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:2/26/2024Referred By:1/31/2025
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