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Applied Demography Group
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The Committee on Applied Demography (CAD) represents the interests of applied demographers members of PAA.  Responsibilities of CAD include:

  • Interacts with the PAA Board and other PAA committees on matters of interest to applied demographers
  • Oversees publication of the Applied Demography Newsletter
  • Represents the PAA in interactions between the association and business organizations and state and local government
  • Suggests topics for the applied demography track at the annual PAA Annual Meeting
  • Encourages participation in and submissions for applied demography sessions at the PAA Annual Meeting

The CAD Board develops the following:

  • A proposal to the President-Elect for applied demography track to be included in the PAA Annual Meeting
  • Recommend new CAD board members to the PAA President
  • Prepare and send biannual report on the Committee’s activities to the PAA Board
  • Determine logistical arrangements for annual committee meeting
  • Select and invite an annual keynote speaker for the CAD Breakfast

Membership in the Applied Demography Group is just $5 a year.  You must be a PAA Member to join the group.

Membership InformationThis is an Anniversary based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:6/12/2024Referred By:5/31/2025
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