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20 Administrative Policies 2.0
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Administrative Policies


Crisis and Disaster Planning

  • Importance for nonprofits
  • Dealing with crisis
  • Key principles and guidelines for organizational responses to crises and disasters
  • Benefits associated with crisis management (and risks for not addressing crisis planning)
  • Recommended components of a Crisis and Disaster Plan
  • Integrating program delivery, service populations, and other stakeholders into crisis and disaster planning
  • Crisis communication
  • Steps in developing a crisis communications plan
  • Attachments: Sample crisis and disaster plan introduction, Roles and Responsibilities of the Disaster/Crisis Team, Sample Risk Assessment Worksheet, Sample Emergency/Crisis Communication Plan

Information Technology Planning

  • Benefits of information technology (IT) planning

  • Full scope of information technology

  • Strategic ITPlanning (including strategy and needs assessment),

  • IT Management

  • Online Fundraising

  • Getting Started with IT Planning

  • Attachments:  Social Media Factsheet, Acceptable Use Policies, Information Technology Consultants, Data Security and Integrity

Communications, Engaging the Public and Social Media

  • How to begin

  • The communications policy

  • The communications plan

  • Working with social media

  • Benefits of establishing a social media platform

  • Getting started

  • Mobile applications

  • Attachments: Social Networking Policy (The Arc Baltimore), Sample Nonprofit Style Guide, Essential Communications Tools (excerpted from Generate Buzz!Strategic Communications of Nonprofit Boards)