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Providing Services that Increase Your Bottom Line without Increasing Your Costs - 2018 Conference
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 Providing Services That Increase Your Bottom Line Without Increasing Your Costs - 2018 Conference Recording


2018 PATH Intl. Annual Conference


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Increase your program's income without increasing your expenses or tiring your herd out. Learn simple services that may add thousands to your program's annual budget as well as exposure in the community bringing in more donations, volunteers and riders all while using the same staff and horses during down time from therapeutic riding. 


Diagnosed with a heart condition at a young age and being dependent on a service dog has culminated in BUNNY YOUNG'S emphasis of inclusion and sensitivity for all populations and teaches cultural sensitivity to law enforcement and correctional officers. With a master’s degree in counseling and psychology with a concentration in equine-assisted mental health from Prescott College, she has experience working with crisis response teams, first responders, trauma, depression, addiction and criminal offenders. Her consulting company, A Better Place Consulting, empowers and educates businesses and organizations about power of creating a positive work environment for employee and client retention. 


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