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Equine-Facilitated Learning Manual-CD
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i. Acknowledgments

ii. Introduction

PART 1: Professional Qualifications, Training and Education

A. Differences Between Equine-Facilitated Learning (EFL) and Other Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapies

B. Which Professionals Use EFL in Their Work

C. Needed Credentials and Training Scope of Practice

D. Professional Ethics

E. Ethical Horse Management

F Federal and State Regulations That Apply to EFL

G. How to Become an EFL Professional

PART 2: Starting a Program

A. Examining Personal Goals, Strengths and Weaknesses

B. Basics of Designing a Program

C. Creating a Business Plan

D. Finding an Appropriate Facility

E. Marketing F. Running a Pilot Program

PART 3: Managing a Program

A. Recruiting, Selecting and Training Support Staff and Volunteers

B. Partnering With Other Organizations and Referral Sources

C. Selecting and Caring for Equine Partners

D. Participant Selection/Screening/Intake Guidelines

E. Lesson Plans F. Mounted vs. Unmounted Activities

PART 4: Resources

A. PATH Intl. Documents and Resources

B. Suggested Reading

C. Curriculum

D. Professional Organizations