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New Members: Please make sure to setup your profile account first before making a purchase.  Login if you have an account or click on the New Visitor Registration option to setup a new account. Memberships are for Organizations/Companies. After entering your information make sure to click on the middle button for "Create Account & Enter Your Organization Info" and then enter your company information.

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Provisional Members:
Companies who have applied for full membership, but have not yet met all the requirements and been site certified or who do not wish to be full members. A company is anyone engaged in the reselling or repair of electrical components that reconditions, tests, repackages or otherwise. Companies must join as associate members. Provisional members do not have the use of the PEARL logo in any manner or the PEARL Seals or Stamp and do not have access to all the technical resources. Provisional membership is intended to be a transient membership while site inspections are being processed or member is achieving the PEARL membership requirements.

Membership InformationThis is a Calendar based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:2/25/2021Referred By:12/31/2021
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