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All donations are restricted for use as directed by the Aquatics Committee’s steering committee. All of the funds are spent solely on Aquatic Committee actions. None of those funds are used for PIJAC staff or other PIJAC operating expenses, which are funded via annual general membership dues. To date the majority of Aquatic Defense Fund contributions have been expended on retaining lawyers with unique expertise in environmental law and scientists to assist the Committee’s proposal reviews, preparing responses, and, when appropriate, challenging poorly crafted laws/regulations, testifying at hearings, and representing your interests at international meetings, serving on international and national working groups and task forces.

Committee expenses are limited to payments for outside legal counsel, Veron Grant, and related travel and printing expenses. Expenditures do not include in-kind services provided by PIJAC staff or its consultant Scott Hardin or reimbursable expenses absorbed by PIJAC on behalf of the Committee’s activities. PIJAC’s in-kind contributions approximate $175,000 per year. The Co-Chairs and members of the Steering Committee generously contribute their time and expenses without reimbursement.

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