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You are purchasing a PIJAC Membership for the 2020 Calendar Year (expires 12/31/2020). 20% of dues are used for lobbying.

Please make your selection in the Dues Rate field above before proceeding. 

Choose the appropriate level from the Dues Rate dropdown menu to determine your member dues for the 2020 calendar year (January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020). Complete any additional information necessary on the page and select the ADD TO CART button below to continue the member registration process and complete your transaction.

Questions? Please contact or call Joshua Jones at 202/452-1525 x1040 for assistance.

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Member Price$2,500.00
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Membership InformationThis is a Calendar based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:10/28/2020Referred By:12/31/2020
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