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The Joy Of Coaching
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A book by coaches, about coaches.


The Professional Skaters Association is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a book about the history of coaching. The Joy of Coaching is a 12” by 9”, hardcover, colorful chronicle of the people and events that shaped the PSA. For the first time, the careers of America’s top figure skating coaches are documented in a colorful and elegant book. This step-by-step history of the Professional Skaters Association highlights the coaches who have taken skaters from tentative turns to tricky twizzles, from bunny hops to quadruple jumps, and from local rinks to the Olympics. In The Joy of Coaching, prominent coaches remember the master motivators who taught them to skate and encouraged them to teach the next generation. This inspiring book features the entertaining and emotional stories of hundreds of figure skating coaches, each of them putting a memorable spin on the sport.


The Joy of Coaching was launched at the 2013 International Conference in Chicago and was produced by the PSA staff and a team of writers led by editor Patricia Hagen, an Indiana-based coach, author and journalist. A limited supply has been printed.





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