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Moves in the Field, 2013 Edition 6
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Effective September 2, 2010 This book was originally researched, prepared, edited and produced by Paula Maniago, a U.S. Figure Skating judge and member of Center Ice and Blades of Western Pennsylvania. We wish to thank Paula and her husband, David, for their hard work with this edition. The primary material from which this 5th edition was created is from the PSA Moves in the Field Training Seminar in Orlando, FL. The new Moves in the Field and revised Moves Test Standards/Expectations and Common Errors has been written by Dorothi Cassini, Janet Champion, Byron Darden, Brandon Forsyth, Christine Fowler-Binder, Doug Haw, Wayne Hundley, Kelley Morris Adair, Chip Rossbach, Carol Rossignol, Kris Shakarjian, Becky Stump and Cynthia Van Valkenburg ~ May 18, 2009. The diagrams are by Wayne Hundley, Task Force Chair, Tests Committee Chair.


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