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2019-20 CER Coach/Choreographer Program Module 3
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2019-2020 Professional Coach/Choreographer CER Program Modules


Enrollment is for primary coaches, choreographers, assistant coaches and element specialists who train or instruct one or more skaters or teams participating in any U.S. Figure Skating or member club activities or at U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events (other than group lessons as part of a Learn to Skate USA program.)


Once you register for the module, you will receive an email with a link to the course.


Completion deadline: June 30, 2019; active through June 30, 2020


Each pre-packaged, pre-priced module ($70.00) contains four individual CER courses (one in each topic area). Choose and complete only one module. Completion of all four topics will fulfill the CER requirement for U.S. Figure Coach Compliance for the 2019-2020 season. A completion certificate will be automatically issued from the e-learning system.


Completing a module after the June 30 deadline will result in a late price of $40.00 per topic area. Complete only one module per season, as completing more than one for CER credit per season cannot be refunded.


  • The exam is “open book,” and the exams are NOT timed.
  • Once the exam is started, it must be completed. Answers will not be saved if the exam is exited before it is finished. The exam will need to be attempted again and will count as one of the three allowed attempts.

  • A passing grade of 80% (48 correct out the 60 questions presented) on the module exam is required to earn CER credits for this season.

  • In the event that you do not achieve a passing grade, please review the course content before attempting a retry.

  • There are three (3) attempts allowed for this exam before a re-registration is required.

  • Please note the e-learning platform is not compatible with Safari

Module 3: Course Descriptions


CER ACP 302 - Concussion Information

CER ACP 302 “Concussion Information for Figure Skating Coaches,” is based on the information in the NFHS concussion course and is designed to aid U.S. Figure Skating coaches understand that concussion can be a serious or even life-threatening situation if not managed correctly. Upon completion of CER ACP 302, coaches will:

  • Recognize suspected concussion signs and symptoms and respond appropriately

  • Understand the timing of when concussion symptoms may appear

  • Know a local concussion center or appropriate clinician to recommend for athletes/parents

  • Understand the impact and specific issues noticeable in figure skater and how to be proactive

  • Understand the coach’s role in the “Return to Play” plan

  • Become familiar with “Return to Learn” guidelines that may affect athletes in school or work

  • Be aware of the 2018 CDC recommendations for concussions in children


CER ROS 201 – Understanding “Test Refresh” 

CER ROS 201 - Understanding “Test Refresh” is designed to assist coaches to:

  • Understand the change made to the U.S. Figure Skating test structure in May 2017

  • State the timelines of implementation for: Athletes to be able to receive test credit through IJS protocol; Athletes to be able to use the well-balanced program requirements for testing; Replacing the 6.0 system with an evaluation scale of -3 to + 3; Understand how to earn “pass,” “pass with honors” or “pass with distinction” as a test result

  • State the procedure for applying for test credit through IJS protocol

  • State the differences between judging on a 6.0 scale versus a -3 to + 3 scale


CER ETH 104 – Professional Ethics for Figure Skating Coaches     1 Professional Ethics topic CER credit

The course objective for CER ETH 104 - Professional Ethics for Figure Skating Coaches is to guide coaches through the National Standards for Sport Coaches benchmarks for developing a coaching philosophy. At the completion of the course, coaches will be given information on how to create a personal coaching philosophy, be able to clearly articulate the significance of an athlete-centered coaching philosophy, be able to recognize and appreciate the dynamics of the coach/athlete relationship and understand the importance professional accountability.



CER SCI 103 - Basic Growth and Motor Skills Development                  1 Rules of Sport topic CER credit    

CER SCI 103 – Basic Growth and Motor Skills Development is designed as a brief overview to help coaches understand the different stages of a child’s development and the ways in which they learn. Coaching is a unique form of teaching, and coaches that see themselves as teachers have the most to give to a student. Many coaches will coach like their former coach taught them, but not all children will learn the same way, and coaches need to be able to adapt their coaching to the needs of each student. As children mature there are cognitive, emotional, and physical developmental issues that a coach will want to keep in mind, as well as different ways children learn best. There are numerous books and websites available for coaches that want to further explore the topics. At the completion of CER SCI 103, coaches should be able to:

  • Recognize that there are sequential stages to development

  • Recognize that brain development and physical development both contribute to the ability to learn at a given age

  • Recognize three basic learning styles to aid in planning for individual skater's lessons