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2019-20 CER Coach/Choreographer Program Module 1
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2019-2020 Professional Coach/Choreographer CER Program Modules


Enrollment is for primary coaches, choreographers, assistant coaches and element specialists who train or instruct one or more skaters or teams participating in any U.S. Figure Skating or member club activities or at U.S. Figure Skating sanctioned events (other than group lessons as part of a Learn to Skate USA program.)


Once you register for the module, you will receive an email with a link to the course.


Completion deadline: June 30, 2019; active through June 30, 2020


Each pre-packaged, pre-priced module ($70.00) contains four individual CER courses (one in each topic area). Choose and complete only one module. Completion of all four topics will fulfill the CER requirement for U.S. Figure Coach Compliance for the 2019-2020 season. A completion certificate will be automatically issued from the e-learning system.


Completing a module after the June 30 deadline will result in a late price of $40.00 per topic area. Complete only one module per season, as completing more than one for CER credit per season cannot be refunded.


  • The exam is “open book,” and the exams are NOT timed.
  • Once the exam is started, it must be completed. Answers will not be saved if the exam is exited before it is finished. The exam will need to be attempted again and will count as one of the three allowed attempts.

  • A passing grade of 80% (48 correct out the 60 questions presented) on the module exam is required to earn CER credits for this season.

  • In the event that you do not achieve a passing grade, please review the course content before attempting a retry.

  • There are three (3) attempts allowed for this exam before a re-registration is required.

Module 1: Course Descriptions


CER ACP 303- Healthy Body Image

CER ACP 303 - Healthy Body Image course give coaches basic information on eating disorders and healthy body image in skating and provides resources to aid in communicating important messages to athletes. Following the completion of this course, coaches will be able to recognize signs of poor body image, unhealthy eating- and body-related thoughts and attitudes, and symptoms of disordered eating and eating disorders; know when and how to direct athletes and parents to appropriate resources when concerning behaviors arise; better support and educate their athletes in developing healthier body image and better self-esteem; and set a positive example and contribute to the creation of a rink environment and skating culture that promote positive body image and athlete health and wellness.


CER ROS 206- Navigating National Qualifying Series (NQS)

CER ROS 206 was created to assist coaches in understanding the change made to the U.S. Figure Skating qualifying competition structure in May 2018, strategizing entries for the National Qualifying Series, and being able to advise clients how to successfully participate in the changed competition advancement opportunities.


CER ETH 405- Directing the Athlete Support Team

CER ETH 405 addresses why a coach should care about team management and discusses the needs of training an [elite] athlete or developing skater. Included in the course content are strategies for assembling and utilizing a support team that will evaluate and assess the training needs of the athlete. Coaches will gain knowledge of how to facilitate a coordinated sport health care program that includes prevention and management of injuries. The course will describe how to create the “dream environment,” strategize the process of managing the team, and explore the chain of command. At the end of the course, coaches will be familiar with the common issues associated with team management and be presented with ideas for possible solutions for common challenges. In addition, an Appendix is included to help decipher professional credentials.


CER SCI 304- Impact Landing Forces

CER SCI 304 will inform coaches of the research done on the impact of jump landings on the athlete’s body. Upon completion of this course, coaches will understand that the high impact of jump landings combined with high daily jump counts makes the skater susceptible to overuse injuries. Further discussion is included in the course of the scientific research related to landing impact in skaters, and specific training methods that can potentially help reduce landing impact. Coaches will learn what they can emphasize with their skaters to reduce the risk of impact injuries.