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The Complete MIF Booklet and DVD Set
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Moves in the Field have become an integral part of the U.S. Figure Skating testing program. The DVD’s in this set, produced by the Professional Skaters Association and approved by U.S. Figure Skating, defines the correct steps and a standard of quality expected from skaters who are being tested for Moves in the Field. It is intended only as a guide for judges, coaches, and skaters in order to develop a standard throughout the country.

This is a three-volume DVD set. The first volume features levels one through four; the second, levels five through eight. Ice utilization and class concepts are also covered. The third is a supplemental DVD which only contains the most up-to-date MIF revisions.


Also included in this exclusive package is the most current 6th Edition MIF Booklet. 

This booklet was originally researched, prepared, edited and produced by Paula Maniago, a U.S. Figure Skating judge and member of Center Ice and Blades of Western Pennsylvania.


Special Note: It is important to realize that this is an instructional video. The elements in each field move are produced with few or no mistakes. Errors are allowed at each test level, which should not exclude a test from passing. The level and magnitude of the error must always be considered when evaluating a test as a pass or retry.

Video production by Local Motion for Disc one and two. Disc three by PS media Productions

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