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SCAA Green Guide, Module 1: Energy Use and Reduction Tips (ebook for Kindle reader & apps)
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SCAA Green Guide, Module 1:  Energy Use and Reduction Tips (ebook for Kindle)

SCAA, Green Cafe Network and the Food Service Technology Center are proud to announce a new and innovative project to guide and support café operators who want to run a greener business and potentially reduce costs in the process. The Green Guide is a series of digital booklets, published in modules that will cover key strategies for cafe operators in energy conservation, waste reduction, water conservation, and toxics reduction. Green Cafe Network is providing technical assistance for the Guide's content, with key research and expertise from the Food Service Technology Center (FSTC). 

This Module focuses on energy use and reduction tips including lighting, refrigeration, cooking appliances, auxiliary equipment and hot water systems & HVAC.

This listing is for the Kindle compatible ebook version of the Green Guide Module 1 which includes Kindle devices and the Kindle reader app.  Any device with the Kindle reader app installed will be compatible with the Green Guide “Kindle” book option. This includes the Android phone or tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mac, Windows 8 PC or tablet, BlackBerry, or Windows Phone.  For more information about compatibility or how to download the free Kindle reader app, visit the app page on

Your purchase will also include a easy to follow user guide on how to download your ebook to your device.   This is a very simple process that anyone can follow.  If you get stuck or need help, please contact us at 562-624-4100 or by emailing


Getting the SCAA Green Guide sent to your Kindle, please click the link to download the PDF with the instructions.  Kindle User Guide Download


*Reading device not included.

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