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SCAA Coffeehouse Sales Trends Report 2Q2012
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We have partnered with Cleveland Research Company, an independent research firm specializing in proprietary channel research with a goal to identify trends and inflections that impact the financial performance and outlook across multiple companies and industries. This partnership will allow us to deliver more timely information and a consistent stream of reports to our members and other industry professionals. The analysis will be deeper and more specific, bringing you the essential data that you need to run a successful business in the specialty coffee industry. This quarterly report will cover April - June of 2012.



Included in this report:



Sales Trends

· Quarterly Coffeehouse Sales versus Previous Year

· Monthly Coffeehouse Sales versus Previous Year

· Quarterly Net Coffeehouse Sales versus Expectations

· Monthly Net Coffeehouse Sales versus Expectations

· Traffic and Ticket Growth

· Competitive Landscape

· 12 Month Outlook

· Category and Segment Trends



Pricing and Cost Trends

· Cost Outlook and Price Increases Credit Availability Trends

· Category Specific Cost and Pricing Trends

· Availability of credit for daily operations



Customer Trends

· What is important to customers? Broken down by category



Big Picture Trends

· Specialty Coffeehouses Compared to Other Foodservice Segments

· Coffeehouse vs. Discretionary Retail

· Food Costs

· Dairy Costs

· Coffee Costs

· Bakery Costs

· Electricity Costs

· Fuel Prices vs Foodservice Sales

· Unemployment vs Foodservice Sales

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