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Students Building 3D Printers in the Library
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Students Building 3D Printers in the Library

A SEFLIN TechTuesday Webinar
Bringing 3D printers to your library is often the first step to a successful makerspace. During this Tech Tuesday, Sara Gonzalez from University of Florida shares how their 3D printing has evolved from basic prints at the library to circulating 3D printers to having students build 3D printers.

We will discuss how these unique printers can be used (and reused) for a class on building 3D printers, how this course benefits students across majors, and tips on how you can implement a similar program at your library.

Diana Silveira is the President of Novare Library Services, a company that focuses on web, mobile and infrastructure services for libraries. Previous to starting Novare Library Services, she was the Virtual Reference Manager for Florida’s Ask a Librarian Service and coordinator for Florida’s Statewide Delivery System. She presents regularly on implementing technology, best practices and privacy issues online. She also works with libraries to deploy new technologies and develop new mobile and desktop.

Sara Gonzalez, Marston Science Library, University of Florida



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