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Change is Easy: You Go First
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Change is Easy: You Go First!

Podcast by: Sue Hansen, Keynote Speaker & Author of: "Say Yes! To Living a Life of Passion"

This podcast will assist corporate HR & Risk Management Professionals and VR Professionals as the need for WORKFORCE change continues from recruiting to retention to production. If you are being asked to "do more, with less" at your workplace, this podcast is for YOU.

As the labor markets CHANGE, it is imperative that the role and creativity of the Human Resource Professionals and the Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals CHANGE to meet the resulting unique demands. Economic issues, global outsourcing, technological advancements, and innovative cost effective strategies impact how Human Resource Professionals address their workforce recruitment and retention. These same social-economic issues require Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals to be knowledgeable about the shifting corporate culture and to be proactive in preparing job candidates with disabilities to be the best employee for limited job opportunities.

In this podcast, acclaimed Author & Keynote Speaker, Susan Hansen addresses the issues of human nature that surround and complicate CHANGE. In a world where managers are being asked to 'do more, with less', this topic of change management is both timely, and imperative to outcomes being either wildly successful, or incredibly frustrating.


Viewers of this podcast will learn how to:

  • Proactively prepare for change - CHECKLIST PROVIDED!
  • Frame change for organizational enhancement AND team buy-in
  • Recognize benefits of change for HR, VR, Employees & Customers
  • Communicate change is a positive light to win full team support



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