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Reliability Enhancement Through Systemized Equipment Failure Investigations at Seawater Plants
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Author: Sharib Khan

Qurayyah Sea Water Plant (QSWP) at sea water Injection department (SWID) is the world’s largest seawater treatment filtration plant for oil reservoir injections. It can currently produce 14 million barrels per day of treated seawater. The treated seawater is injected into producing reservoirs to support oil production and to obtain optimal oil recovery. As a rule of thumb, one barrel of oil is produced for every barrel of water injected. QSWP and its associated plants in SWID have thousands of equipment like pumps, motors, plant air compressors working continuously for its operation to inject of seawater in the oilfield reservoir. A system was developed to categorize these equipment in class A, B or C. Each equipment was classified based on several parameters, e,g failure, Importance, Reliability and Capacity utilization. Frequently failing critical equipment were targeted for Reliability Improvement using enhanced FRACAS (Failure Reporting, Analysis and Corrective Action System), was originated from the defense in 1970s.

Type: Presentation
Published: 2020
Category: e-Proceedings