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How to Create and Sustain High-Performing Teams to Create a Reliability Advantage (Paper)
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Author: Melanie Zamora & Jim Turner

Far too many organizations fail at sustaining improvements. At the core of these failures isn’t processes or technology, it’s people and the culture that really determine long term success or failure. Hiring that supports the successful culture also fosters excellent leaders. These leaders help good employees become even better people while producing better business results. Building a high performance team is not a three-month undertaking nor is it a part-time initiative or approach. Depending on where you are on the maturity curve, the age and deterioration of equipment, and the health of the business, it can be a two- to four-year journey. Significant improvements are often realized in the first three-to-six months and we can show you how. 

Type: Paper
Published: 2019
Category: e-Proceedings