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Guidelines in Conducting PM Strategy for Online Analyzers with Impact to Manpower Requirement
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Author: Teofilo De Sagun


Online analyzers play very important role in Petrochemical, Refining industries and such.These industries have various Analyzer Types installed in the complex that function to monitor and control the process, to achieve product quality, to keep personnel & environmental safety and for regulatory compliance. In this context, PM Frequency and Man-hour of Online Analyzers must be reviewed and be updated based on the important criteria as follows:
1. Man-hour required for PM of each Analyzers
a. Type of Analyzer
b. Analyzer analysis cycle time
c. Validation and Calibration
d. Analyzer tapping points
e. Sampling systems
f. Component replacements

2. Required PM frequency
a. Analyzer Manual (based on analyzer types/model)
b. Four (4) to five (5) year History of Corrective Maintenance
c. Risk Report
d. Bad Actor Analyzers
e. Sensor Replacements

3. Manpower Requirement for the updated PM Strategy
a. Total Work Hours in One (1) Year – Performing Job (as per Planning)
b. Total Scheduled Work Hours in one (1) Year
c. Total Technician Hours in one (1) Year
d. OLD Annual Man-Hour and No. of Technicians required
e. NEW Annual Man-Hour and No. of Technicians required
f. Variance of OLD and NEW Annual Man-hour

1. Improving Analyzer PM Strategies
2. Analyzer Reliability improvement
3. Analyzer Asset Life Assessment improvement
4. Reflecting correct Man-hour on SAP
5. Align PM Frequency as required
6. Provision of correct number of Technician required
7. Boosting confidence of Analyzer Customers (Operations, Process, EHSS)
8. Achieving Company objectives to maximum

Published: 2020
Category: e-Proceedings