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SGPD Best Maintenance Practice: Flange Weld Test Plug
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Author: Piyush Pandey, CMRP

As one of the best maintenance practices, Saudi Aramco/ South Ghawar Producing Department uses an approved tool, the High Lift Flange Weld Test Plug, to conduct hydro testing of pipe to flange weld joints. This approved technology is replacing the old conventional way of hydro testing the flange to pipe weld joints, without the need to fill the entire piping system with water, and without pressurizing the whole system. This tool has proven its merit in many aspects by improving safety, saving time, effort, conserving water, and eliminating associated costs. This presentation summarizes the benefits of implementing this best practice through a case study. South Ghawar Producing Department believes that sharing such experience will be beneficial to all organizations.

Type: Presentation
Published: 2020
Category: e-Proceedings