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Bio-Based Engineering Polymers for High-Performance Applications
Member Price$75.00
Non-Member Price$99.00
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Rick Bell

"Bio-based” and “renewably sourced” refer to a material that contains carbon originating from a renewable plant source. These bio-based polymers support sustainability goals and emit fewer greenhouse gases during a product’s lifecycle than do similar products made solely from petroleum. Recent product developments have expanded the functional performance of these products, allowing their use in some of the most demanding applications for high-temperature use, chemical resistance, and advanced structural properties.

Today, high-performance bio-based nylons, polyesters, and thermoplastic elastomers are commercially used in a variety of applications. In most cases, these products also provide a cost savings vs. the petroleum-based polymers they replace. This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Definitions
  • Market drivers
  • Raw material feedstocks
  • Production methods
  • Bio-based engineering polymers available from DuPont
  • Typical properties
  • Commercial and potential applications in the automotive, industrial, and consumer segments.
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