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FoamsĀ® 2010 Conference Proceedings USB Drive
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Non-Member Price$150.00
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Seattle, Washington USA
October 2010
USB Drive

Contents include:
Technical Papers Day One:
  Long Term Performance of Insulation Foams, Extrusion Foaming and Rheology of PHBV, Expanded Polylactide (E-Pla): A Realistic Alternative to Expanded Polystrene (EPS), advancement in Chemical Foaming Agent Technology to Improve Sustainability of Plastic Applications, PVT and Solubility Behaviors of CO2 + N2 in PS Melts, Unique Properties of Foamed Olefin Block Copolymers, Recent Developments in Foam Extrusion by the use of Retrofit Components, New Polyester Resin; AltesterĀ®.

Technical Papers Day Two:  High Pressure CO2 In-Situ Induction Crystallization and Its Effect on the cell Morphology of PLA/Clay Nanocomposites Blow in Continuous Extrusion Foaming, Thermal Conductivity of Microcellular ABS. Thermal Behavior of Microcellular Polycarbonate Foams, Medium-Density Micro and Nano Cellular Polymer Foams Fabricated by Supercritical carbon Dioxide, LDPE Silica Nanocomposites: A System in which the Nanoparticles Play a Multifunctional Role, Foaming Behavior Structure and Physical Properties of a Novel Benzoxazine Resin, The Sulzer EPS Process- Access to innovative particle foam particle solutions for the EPS industry.

Student Posters:  The Effects of Crosslinking on Elastomer Foaming, Foaming of EVA/Starch Blends: Characterization of the Structure, Physical Properties and Biodegradability, Extrusion Foaming of PHBV using EU Food Approved Chemical Blowing Agent, Modification of the Mechanical Properties of Polyurethane Foams by using Wasters of Flexible Polyurethane and Sawdust as Additives, The Effect of cell Gas Pressure on the Compressive Properties of Microcellular RPET Foams, A Comparison of Solubility and Diffusivity of CO2 in PC and ABS in the Microcellular Foaming Process, Combination Shear-Compression Testing of Foams for their application in Bicycle Helmets.

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