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The Effect of Impact and Other Rapid Loading Mechanisms on Plastics
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Jeffrey A. Jansen
The Madison Group



In service, plastic materials are subjected to many different types of mechanical stress.  One common type of stress that is typically severe is rapid impact loading.  The rate at which loading is applied, otherwise known as the strain rate, is a very important factor in the performance of a plastic component. Impact, together with snap-fit assembly, and rapid pressurization are the most common forms of rapid loading or high strain rate mechanisms.


The response of plastics to impact and the ability of a plastic part to withstand the stress through absorption of the applied energy depend on many factors, including the material, design, processing, and the service conditions.  If designers and manufacturers of plastic components do not adequately account for impact stress, the result may be premature or unexpected part failure.


Topics covered as part of this presentation include:

  • Failure Mechanism of Plastics
  • Strain Rate as a Ductile-to-Brittle Transition
  • Impact Failure
  • Factors Affecting Impact Resistance
  • Impact Testing
  • Case Studies
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