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AP Human Geography Test Bank
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Title: AP Human Geography Test Bank Authors - Richard Gindele, Theodore Gutshall, David Palmer, and David Valdez Editors - Steven Jennings and Rebecca Theobald Price: $10.00 About - The Colorado Geographic Alliance awarded a grant to a group of AP Human Geography teachers in Colorado for the purpose of developing an AP Human Geography test bank. In 2018 the Colorado Geographic Alliance generously provided this test bank to the National Council for Geographic Education for national distribution. The team of AP teachers developed a set of concepts based on the AP Human Geography outline. These concepts were used to develop sets of Multiple Choice and Free Response Questions for each of the units in the AP Human Geography outline except Unit I. In each of the test banks links there are six main files representing Units II through VII. In each of these unit their are four files that reflect the subject matter covered in each. These files are the concepts, multiple choice questions (MCQs), free response questions (FRQs), and an answer key for the multiple choice questions. The multiple choice questions are organized by the concepts outlined in the concept file. In the multiple choice file the concepts are in bold and numbered as they are in the concept file. The correct answers for the multiple choice questions are in the answer key file and are in bold in the multiple choice file. It is the hope of everyone involved that these materials are a great addition to your classroom. We encourage you to send your comments and suggestions to or We look forward to your observations about this material.
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