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TCA Guideline For Temporary Wind Bracing Of Tilt-Up Concrete Panels During Construction
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In an effort to further the sustainability of resources and in response to the growing interest in electronic documents, the TCA Bracing Guidelines are available only as an electronic document.  The purchaser will be given permissions for printing as well as viewing on up to two devices.

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The TCA Guideline For Temporary Wind Bracing of Tilt-Up Concrete Panels During Construction is intended to provide a standardized method for the design and erection of a temporary bracing system for use during construction of a Tilt-Up structure. The current OSHA requirement requires that Tilt-Up concrete panels be temporarily braced to prevent panels from overturning or collapsing during the construction of a Tilt-Up structure. Since OSHA does not specify how to prevent Tilt-Up wall panels from overturning or collapsing, the TCA developed a temporary bracing guideline for use by the construction industry.

The 2012 edition continues to base its design loadings on SEI/ASCE 37-02, however, the wind loadings are now based on ASCE 7-10 provisions. ASCE 37-02 will adopt the ASCE 7-10 wind provisions in the next revision to the publication. In addition, it is very likely that many, if not all local building codes, will endorse ASCE 7-10 in the near future. As such, the TCA decided to endorse ASCE 7-10 as the standard for temporary bracing of Tilt panels during construction.