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Archived Webinar: URISA's Capability Maturity Model
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How do municipalities know where their GIS development is in relationship to potential capability for similar agencies? Some agencies consider their GIS to be ‘mature’ because their implementation project has been completed and they are doing ongoing GIS operations and maintenance. But how do these agencies know if they are lacking basic GIS capability?

Capability maturity models have been used to assess the ability of agencies to develop software successfully. This presentation outlines URISA’s proposed Municipal GIS Capability Maturity Model, discusses results and feedback from applying the model to city and county GIS operations in the Pacific Northwest and nationwide, and suggests future development and application.

This presentation will be of value to managers to self-assess their GIS operation, determine areas for efficiency or effectiveness improvements, assess system risk factors, analyze capability gaps, and prioritize developments required for a mature GIS.

Event topics:

  • Why do municipal GIS operations vary in their capability and when is GIS development complete?
  • What is a capability maturity model?
  • Why develop a GIS capability maturity model for local and regional agencies?
  • What is the URISA GIS Capability Maturity Model?
  • How can it be used and what are next steps?

Greg Babinski, GISP, is the Finance & Marketing Manager for the King County GIS Center in Seattle, where he has worked since 1998. Previously he worked for nine years as GIS Mapping Supervisor for the East Bay Municipal Utility District in Oakland. Babinski is a frequent instructor for URISA’s GIS Program Management workshop. He is also an author and instructor for URISA’s Cartography and map Design workshop and the URISA Leadership Academy. He holds a masters degree in geography from Wayne State University. Babinski is the President-Elect of URISA – the Association for GIS Professionals.