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Archived Webinar: LiDAR 101 (Part 1)
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LiDAR Webinar Series

The purpose of this webinar series is to review concepts involving light detection and ranging (LiDAR), its real-world applications, current visualization, data processing and quality control approaches. The target audience of this webinar is at the beginner to intermediate level, including GIS managers, geospatial analysts, survey professionals, scientists and students.

LiDAR is an emerging optical remote sensing technology that uses pulses of light to determine an object’s range and other pertinent information. Most commonly, LiDAR is used to generate terrain products including surface models and elevation contours. LiDAR data is also being used to generate accurate 3D visualizations, which can be used for a variety of planning, engineering and construction activities.

LiDAR 101 (Part One)

Topics include:

  • Basic LiDAR Concepts

  • Common Applications of LiDAR

  • Project Data Deliverables

  • LiDAR Data Demonstration