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To be considered a public sector employee you must be employed by a federal, state, or local government, which includes transit agencies, and metropolitan planning organizations. You must provide a public sector email address when joining as a public sector member with WTS.  NOTE: Outsourced private-company employees do not qualify for the public sector rate. While governments routinely hire private corporations to provide goods and services for the public sector--such as for the construction or maintenance of aircraft, roads, freeways, bridges, parks, and recreation areas--employees of these outsourced private companies do not qualify for the WTS International public sector membership rate.

To select or change your base chapter and any additional affiliated memberships, please visit your "My Information" page and select Edit/View Information. You need to be logged in to access the "My Information" page.

Membership InformationThis is an Anniversary based MembershipMembership Term Effective Date:12Expiration Date:2/23/2020Referred By:2/22/2021
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