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The Missouri Transportation Development Council (MTD)

AIM is the parent organization of Missouri Transportation Development Council.  MTD is a non-profit organization of private citizens, public officials, companies and associations that believe the transportation system in Missouri demands continuing care and attention because it is vital to the state’s economic welfare and quality of life.  MTD has been in existence since 1972, when it was formed to take the place of the Missouri Good Roads and Streets Association.  As expressed in an MTD mission statement adopted in 1992, the Council is “to encourage Missouri transportation systems, which will effectively enhance the quality of life, safety and the economic well being of our citizens”.

MTD effectively represents Missouri’s total transportation interests. 

Highway funding has traditionally been the principal concern; however, we are also supportive of all multimodal needs including ports, rail, transit, aviation, etc.

MTD is currently working closely with the Missouri Department of Transportation, businesses from around the state and business organizations to find a solution to the transportation funding crisis facing Missouri. In the 2009 Missouri Transportation Development Conference, MTD welcomed Governor Jay Nixon as he spoke in regards to the relationship with Associated Industries of Missouri and the need for continued support of Missouri's roads and highways, while addressing the needs to invest in clean energy vehicles that will propel Missouri through economic downturn and show our furthered commitment to a solid transportation infrastructure.