Board of Directors 2017-2018

The 2017-2018 Board of Directors consists of fifteen members of the Society who serve in a volunteer capacity. Four of the Directors serve as Officers. Directors are elected by the membership for a one year term and may be re-elected. Board members roll off after 3 years.

Chairperson: Judy Yip, Citigroup

President: Ellen Brundage, ING Financial Markets

Treasurer: Gerard Painter, S&P Global Ratings

Secretary: Tara Levine, Credit Suisse

Vice President: Kailash Balasubramaniam, HSBC Bank

Vice President: Michael Considine, BNP Paribas

Vice President: Cecile Davidian, Societe Generale

Vice President: Jonathan Hanners, Morgan Stanley

Vice President: Jobby Jacob, Deutsche Bank

Vice President: Paige Lanier, Wells Fargo Securities

Vice President: Sangeeta Lele, Goldman Sachs & Co.

Vice President: Harry Mizrahi, Federal Reserve Bank of New York

Vice President: Viral Shah, Barclays

Vice President: Roger Tennent, Millennium Partners

Vice President: Peter Wilson, Bank of America Merrill Lynch