David Tesher, Chapter Co-President


David Tesher is a Managing Director and the Head of U.S. Corporate Research at S&P Global Ratings. The U.S. Corporate Research Team is responsible for researching, writing, and publishing topical credit and sector specific commentaries. In addition to coordinating thought leadership research efforts for U.S. Corporate Ratings, David also is the Chairperson for the North American Credit Conditions Committee. S&P’s regional Credit Condition Committees (EMEA, Asia/Pacific, Latin America, and North America) serve as global risk-monitoring platforms.  Collectively, these regional teams strive to identify and understand potential systemic risks that can impact ratings across S&P Global.  


David initially joined S&P Global Ratings U.S. Structured Finance Group in 1995. Shortly thereafter, David formed S&P Global Ratings CDO Group, and was a Practice Leader responsible for managing the firm’s U.S. Cash Flow CDO business prior to transitioning to the Corporate & Government Ratings Group in 2010.


Before joining S&P Global Ratings in 1995, David was a commercial lender and senior credit officer with National Westminister Bank USA, responsible for corporate lending and the monitoring of credit policy for the firm's corporate loan portfolio.


David holds a B.A. in business and economics from Lafayette College.