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Advanced Optimization tech for generative bldg design, structural analysis and lighting simulation

May 21, 2017 08:00am -
May 21, 2017 05:00pm

Event Type: Conference
Category: Technical Workshop

Registration Instructions

The objective of this 4-hour workshop is to demonstrate to architecture students, researchers and practitioners familiar with digital design tools, the – still unexplored – potential of integrating advanced optimization technology in building and architectural modeling. Optimization will be addressed as exploration of design alternatives, via modeFRONTIER. modeFRONTIER is a leading integration platform for multi-objective and multi-disciplinary optimization. It offers a seamless coupling with third party engineering tools, enables the automation of the design simulation process and facilitates analytic decision making. The workshop will focus on workflows where modeFRONTIER is coupled with modelling and simulations software familiar to architects and engineers in the building industry. The participants will hear about successful application from the AEC industries and will have the chance to try modeFRONTIER, being guided from ESTECO experts providing training, tips and advices. As an example, during the design process of the Cheongna City Tower modeFRONTIER was coupled with CATIA and ROBOT, looping parametric modelling, structural simulations, optimization and data analysis. “This way of working redefines engineering workflows and potentially, the roles of architect and engineer in the design process. The danger here-- something we are consciously avoiding-- is an anemic understanding of optimization as a reductive quest for efficiency rather than as a generative design process which can result in architectural ‘species’ characterized by both efficiencies and excesses.” TOM WISCOMBE ARCHITECTURE - Cheongna City Tower, 2008 INTRODUCTION  (1 hour) • Optimization in AEC | success stories: generative design, light simulation, structural analysis, NZEB • Introduction to modeFRONTIER: software environment and main features OPTIMAL BUILDING DESIGN: Integrating AEC modellig & analysis tools with modeFRONTIER (3 hours) • Parametric modelling with Rhino/GrassHopper • modeFRONTIER workflow set up: direct integration node, parameter chooser, linking parameters to objectives and constraints • Optimization Strategies and Algorithms: Hands-on example - Optimization setup and execution; post-processing tools • Execution monitoring and post processing: decision support tools and final design choice

Early registration ends on 2/19/2017.
Regular registration starts on 2/20/2017 and ends on 5/21/2017.
Late registration starts on 5/21/2017.
(GMT-08:00) Pacific Time (US & Canada), Tijuana



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