Welcome to the ICMA Member Portal!

General Member Portal Information


This part of the ICMA website is a valuable resource that connects you to fellow ICMA members, allows you complete access to your membership profile and offers a helpful archive of past materials such as statistics reports, webinars, magazine articles and conference presentations. You can also search for fellow members based on a variety of demographics. You will be able to purchase your Elan Awards entries as well as sponsorships and exhibits for our meetings in the Online Store.


How to Log-in:
1. Click Log-In
2. Click the "Forgot Your Password?" link
3. You will immediately receive an email with a link to set up your own unique password. Use this password from now forward.


NOTE: Some actions must be done by the primary contact at your company who is designated as the one who may purchase on behalf of the company.  This includes updating the individuals in your company's roster, and purchasing items for the company, such as Exhibits, Sponsorships or Elan Entries. 

To update the people in your company's roster, the ICMA primary contact can go to the company's record, then click "Manage Org Individuals".  Contact info@icma.com if you need assistance.



Use this portal to:

  • Register for events
  • Purchase exhibits
  • Purchase sponsorships

You will need to set up a visitor account on the Log in page in order to purchase these items.


If you need assistance, please contact ICMA Headquarters at info@icma.com or call 1-609-799-4900.