Session Details

I will attend the PROCUREMENT Track
(Event: 2019 Introductory Course)

Nov 05, 2019 1:00pm - Nov 08, 2019 12:30pm
Session Type: Workshop 1




To provide basic instruction to procurement professionals on the recov- ery of organs and tissue for transplantation. The content provides a common background of knowledge and skills to promote high stan- dards of quality in organ and tissue procurement, preservation and distribution. The ultimate goal of the course is to promote increased organ and tissue donation and to accelerate the recovery of organs and tissue for transplantation.



  • Discuss the roles of the federal government and the OPTN/UNOS in organ and tissue donation.

  • Identify the important concepts in histocompatibility as related to organ procurement, preservation and transplantation.

  • Explore the organ and tissue donation process.

  • List serologic methods used to identify infectious diseases in potential organ donors.

  • Discuss the correct preservation, utilization and distribution of organs for transplantation.

  • Identify components of the informed authorization process.

  • Discuss the role of the coordinator in the referral process,donor evaluation and management.

  • Describe methods to increase a hospital’s organ donation conversion rates.

  • Define donation after cardiac death (DCD), including controlled and uncontrolled scenarios and considerations surrounding DCD.

  • Discuss donor management considerations in the pediatric population.