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Small Business Membership

Small Business Membership
Associate Membership to Small Business

The USAWOA Chapters have traditionally partnered with small businesses in their surrounding communities, to support Chapter-initiated charitable/community support efforts. Many of these businesses and their owners are loyal supporters of these activities over a period of years. The USAWOA has the opportunity to both solidify and reward these relationships with associate memberships.

The USAWOA EXCOM on August 25, 2011 approved both Proprietor-level and Partnership-level memberships at the Chapter-level.

Proprietor-Level Associate Membership:

  • Number of members: Business +1
  • Cost: $80.00 per year
  • Rebate to Chapters: $15.00 per year

Partnership-Level Associate Membership

  • Number of members: Business +2
  • Cost: $140.00 per year
  • Rebate to Chapters: $20.00 per year

When a business signs on as an associate member, the National Headquarters will deliver a welcome packet to the Chapter President for presentation. These members will receive: a welcome letter; Certificate of Business Membership in a presentation folio;  USAWOA window sticker, identifying the business as a “Proud Supporter;”  USAWOA Mug; USAWOA Membership Card; and hardcopy delivery of the NEWSLINER.

The only addition to the program announced since then was that interested small business Members may send us “business card ads”, for publication on a quarterly basis.  They may also pay us an additional $25 per month to run the little ads in the other 8 issues per year….

Please contact the Executive Director for additional information the Small Business Membership.

Click USAWOA Small Business Membership Application to download the manual form or click USAWOA Small Business Membership Fillable Application to download the fillable version of the manual form.