NASW-VA Clinical Supervision Registry


The Clinical Supervision Registry (or Find-a-Supervisor List) contains a list of licensed clinical social workers who have successfully completed an NASW-VA approved 14-hour course in clinical supervision certification and wish to provide supervision to others. Please Note: It is not linked to the Virginia Board of Social Work and will not negate the supervisee’s requirement to register with the Board prior to starting supervision.



How to Use this Registry

The information in this registry is sorted by city/county. Each listing contains the contact information for each supervisor and a list of other languages spoken (you may enlarge your view by clicking on the document). Each supervisor has provided NASW-VA with background information regarding the following: VA and other state social work licenses held, schools/colleges attended, other certifications held, past employment, insurance and NASW credentials.



How to Access this Registry

To download the Find a Supervisor List, click here. All users must "purchase" the list through the Online Store in order to receive an emailed link or to download the list from their Purchase Confirmation page. The list is FREE for members and can be downloaded as often as needed, but the "purchase" process helps us track demand and ensures understanding of the following disclaimer.


Following your purchase, you will be emailed a receipt of payment and a confirmation message. The confirmation message will contain instructions for downloading the list. You can also access the list directly, through your NASW-VA account, by clicking "View Previous Purchases" (shown on the confirmation page immediately after completing your purchase) and selecting the "My Downloadable Products" tab. Your purchases will be shown with highlighted product names, click this link to be taken to a Dropbox folder with the downloadable list. (Please Note: a Dropbox account is NOT required to view/download the list)

NASW Members:       Free

Non-Members:          $30.00



Program participants listed in this registry supplied all personal information contained in the following pages. NASW-VA is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained in this document. All listed social workers were properly licensed at the time of publication. Supervisees should confirm license status with the Virginia Board of Social Work prior to obtaining supervision. Listing in this document does not denote endorsement or recommendation by NASW-VA. Rather, it only indicates that the listed social workers meet the criteria for inclusion in the registry. This list is provided by NASW-VA only and is NOT maintained by the VA Board of Social Work.



Purchase the 'Find-a-Supervisor' list

Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive a receipt of payment email and a purchase confirmation email. The confirmation email will contain a link to the downloadable list. If you are experiencing any difficulty accessing the list, please contact the Chapter Office at 804-204-1339.



To Be Added to the Supervision Registry

Each supervisor listed in the NASW-VA Chapter Clinical Supervision Registry must:

  • Complete a Clinical Supervision Registry Information Application (request the application by contacting and be sure to include your name and the date on which you completed a NASW-VA supervision course);
  • Successfully complete a NASW-VA approved 14-hour course in clinical supervision certification;
  • Be a licensed clinical social worker in “good standing” with the VA Board of Social Work at the time that the NASW-VA Chapter Clinical Supervision Registry is published;
  • Sign the Statement of Understanding on the Information Application – to “certify that the information contained in this application is true, complete and correct to the best of my knowledge and is made in good faith. I further understand that if any information is later determined to be false, NASW-VA reserves the right to remove this listing from its' directory. I further understand that NASW-VA reserves the right to remove the listing of any person who is found to be in violation of the NASW Code of Ethics, or state social work laws or regulations. I further understand the information noted with an * will be published on the NASW-VA web site”


​The cost to be listed in the registry is:

NASW Members:          Free

Non-Members:             $48.00 


Please contact, with your name and the date on which you took a NASW-VA supervision training, to request an application to be considered for inclusion in the registry.



If you are now ready to offer supervision, your supervisee must register with the Virginia Board of Social Work (VBSW) by completing the application found at  On the left side of the webpage, click on Applications & Forms – then under “Registration of Supervision towards LCSW Licensure” click to begin the online process.  In that application the supervisee will name you as the supervisor.  Supervision should not start until your supervisee has been approved by VBSW.  If you have questions about this application process, you may contact VBSW at 804-367-4441.