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K. Early Childhood Music Therapy Session Planning: Dos and Don’ts
(Event: 2019 AMTA Conference - Innovate! Integrate! Motivate!)

Nov 20, 2019 12:30 pm - Nov 20, 2019 5:30 pm
Session Type: Additional Course
Track: .


Learn songs, chants, fingerplays, small and large movement, prop, and instrument experiences that you can immediately implement in work with young children.  Deepen and broaden approaches to session planning in innovative, client-centered ways that involve children and adults.



Objective #1: Participants will learn 3-5 songs appropriate for use with early childhood population (CBMT Domains II.A.5.a)
Objective #2: Participants will engage in a process of creative collaboration with peers to design interventions for the early childhood population (CBMT Domains I.D.10)
Objective #3: Participants will experience 3-5 different approaches to songs that may address children’s varying developmental and neurodiverse learning styles (CBMT Domains II.A.2.p.q.as.) 


Hour 1 (50 min): Introduction of attendees; review description; early childhood music therapy myths; experiential learning (song introductions); Concepts of session arc and flow, integrating musical element variety of tonality and meter

Hour 2 (50 min): Addressing developmental delays through music therapy interventions in the following domains: speech, executive functioning, attention, sensory integration, and social skills; experiential learning

Hour 3 (50 min): Stages of children’s music development; designing clinical interventions; approaching use of music through innovative model; importance of parent/adult caregivers; experiential learning.

Hour 4 (50 min): Review and critical group and small group discussions of clinical video in a variety of therapy settings (group, individual, school, hospital, etc.) to address the following concepts: parent self-efficacy, children’s music development, music therapy interventions.

Hour 5 (50 min): Components of therapist-focus materials to design session and family-focused home programs; review; evaluation.



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