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C. Whole Person, Whole Life: A Comprehensive View of Music Therapy in Pediatric Palliative Care
(Event: 2018 AMTA Conference, "Music Therapy for a Growing World")

Nov 14, 2018 8:00 am - Nov 14, 2018 5:00 pm
Session Type: Additional Course
Track: .


Non-pharmacological interventions have increasingly been made aware to the public in terms of treating pain, anxiety, and other various symptoms; this is especially true in regards to children receiving palliative care services.  Music therapists are uniquely qualified to address the needs of pediatric palliative care patients, which range from pain and symptom management, holistic psychosocial support, bereavement, and family/sibling support. This institute, funded by the Each One Counts Foundation, will provide music therapists with in-depth knowledge, training, and tools to promote comfort and quality of life for children receiving palliative care services.


1. Participants will explore three common types of pediatric pain. (I.B.4)
2. Participants will learn three specific techniques for treating pediatric palliative care patients. (II.A.2,5)
3. Participants will learn about legacy building interventions for palliative care patients. (II.A.5.p, II.A.2.j,n)
4. Participants will be able to discuss the ideals of family-centered music therapy as related to both in- and out-patient care. (II.A.2,5)

7:30-8  Registration/Breakfast
8-8:15  Welcome from Shawna Vernisie, Chair of Institute/Special Training
  Welcome from Each One Counts
8:15-9:05 Acute, Chronic, and Emotional Pain | Annette Whitehead-Pleaux
9:15-10:05 Embraced, Celebrated and Assured through Music Therapy within Pediatric
  Palliative Care at Crescent Cove | Katie Lindenfelser
10:05-10:20 Coffee Break
10:20-11:10 Creative Technology and Pediatric Palliative Care // James Maxson
11:20-12:10 Music Collage: Allowing the Workforce Community to Process Grief through Music Creation| Gregory Razzano
12:10-1:10 Lunch
1:10-2:00 Let Music Do its Work: Developmental, Cultural, and Musical Considerations in
  Creating Interventions for Pediatric Palliative Care Patients | Rich Abante Moats,
  Christopher Millett, Jaytee Tang
2:10-3:00 Sounding Life’s Conclusion: Music therapy in Palliative Care on the Pediatric
  Intensive Care Unit // Claire Ghetti
3:00-3:10 Snack Break
3:10-4:00 Building Blocks for the Creation of a Sustainable Pediatric Music Therapy Program: My
Journey | Kelli McKee
4:10-5:00 Intervening Pediatric Palliative Care with Open Hearts and Minds:  Innovations in
  Proactive Ongoing Medical Music Therapy // Brian Schreck
5:00-5:30 Wrap-Up and Questions
5:30-5:50 Session Evaluations



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