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N. Al Bumanis Guitar Clinic
(Event: 2021 AMTA Conference)

Oct 16, 2021 12:00 pm - Oct 16, 2021 5:00 pm
Session Type: Additional Course
Track: .


This Guitar Clinic, honoring Al Bumanis and the Guitar Bombardment Series, is for both students and professionals to further musicianship and guitar skills for client growth. Five music therapists/guitarists with over 200 years of experience will be your guides. Participants are encouraged to suggest music material and guitar techniques that will benefit their clients. Bring a guitar, tuner, capo, pick, thumbpick, and a slide.

Presenter(s): Robert Groene, PhD, MT-BC; Lee Rasar, WMTR, MT-BC; Destiny Boyum, MT-BC; Pete Meyer, MA, MT-BC; Allison Kerr, MT-BC

5 CMTE-credit course

Learning Objectives

Learning Objective #1: Demonstrate at least one musical element (rhythm, harmony mode, scale, riff, timbre) in a typical client song  that you have not tried before on guitar - CBMT Domain III.A.5.c

Learning Objective #2: Participants will identify the concepts for demonstrating the Alexander Technique for relaxation and to prevent injuries when playing guitar along with how to create easy substitute fingerings to avoid injury using bottom 4 strings and far left 4 frets on guitar for complex jazz chords. CBMT Domain I.5

Learning Objective #3 Participants will identify and play De-Escalation and Rock’N’Relax Techniques on guitar. CBMT Domain

Learning Objective#4 Participants will demonstrate one Authentic and one Rhythmic Style of Music on Guitar to better identify Client responses. CBMT Domain II.B.13.b  


  • 10 Min.  Welcome, Overview CMTE Details
  • 50 Min.  Elements of Music Applied to Guitar for increased client attention and efficacy: “Reaching Our Clients’ Hearts  Through Preferred Inspired Guitaring” 
  • 10 Min.Break
  • 50 Min.Rock’N’Relax - breaking down sub-genres under the rock umbrella to better meet clients actual preferences, and learn how to use new guitar skills and insight to support clinical goals while keeping the integrity of the original rock’n’roll music!
  • 10 Min.Break
  • 50 Min.Authentic Styles; Blues; De-escalation
  • 10 Min.Break
  • 50 Min1) ‘Sweep Waltz’  - Demos benefit of high and low strings with a 3/4 or 6/8 strum. How to expand the ‘feel’ of a waltz straight ahead or more relaxed, varying per client and can move to an alternate-bass waltz strum 2) Pop Reggae (vs Traditional. Introduces the Up-stroke leading different types of accents focusing on the ‘and’ of the beat, leading to blues turnaround or blues tune, spicing up a dull song. 3) Scrunch: Using the guitar as part percussive, part tonal instrument giving a more authentic, grittier sound. Sometimes it’s fun to play in the dirt!
  • 10 Min.Break
  • 50 Min.Middle Eastern,  African and Latin cultures: Lily Afshar creating fretlets to allow playing semitones on guitar and the impact that had on Middle Eastern music; Hava Nagila  Palm wine picking; Soukous bass; Manding swing; Corcovado: Adaptations for chord fingerings and integration of relaxation and Alexander technique; Brazilian accompaniment for Corcovado



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