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F. Dementia 101: How to Navigate the World of Dementia and Meaningfully Engage Everyone in the Room
(Event: 2020 AMTA Conference)

Nov 19, 2020 02:00 pm - Nov 19, 2020 06:00 pm
Session Type: Additional Course
Track: .


Have you struggled to effectively, successfully, and meaningfully engage older adults in music therapy? Explore how music therapists can become the experts in dementia care, develop strategies and techniques to strengthen therapeutic skills, and discuss dementia-specific scenarios from real life examples in a clinical setting.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Participants will identify two dementia specific resources that can be implemented into their clinical practice. (CBMT Domain V.A .2.3)
  2. Participants will identify two strategies to develop and improve their therapeutic skills when working with older adults living with dementia. (CBMT Domain II.D.2.a.c.,; Domain III.A.1.a.b.c.e.g, 2.a.g.h.I.k.dd.kk.gg.mm)
  3. Participants will identify two techniques to develop and strengthen rapport when working with older adults living with dementia as well as professionals, and caregivers in the field of elder care. (CBMT Domain III.A.1.a.b)


  • 10 minutes-Welcome/Introduction/Overview; 40 minutes-Overview of Different Types of Dementias; 10 minutes-Break
  • 20-minutes Overview of Dementia and Music Therapy Resources; 30 minutes-How to Set Yourself Up for Success (plan ahead, room set up, what's in your bag, engagement, session structures, etc.); 10 minutes-Interactive Example; 10 minutes-Break
  • 30 minutes-Best Practices (preserving dignity, continuous assessment, meet in the moment, and build rapport, etc.); 10 minutes-Interactive Example; 10 minutes-Break 
  • 30 minutes-What to Do When the Unexpected Happens; 10 minutes-Interactive Example; 20 minutes-Reflecting on Moments of Joy Exercise; 10 minutes-Break 
  • 30 minutes-Dementia Specific Scenarios (interactive); 10 minutes-Wrap up/Closing; 10 minutes-Evaluation



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