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Membership Cost

Membership dues are paid on an annual anniversary basis using a very simple bracket system.

Anniversary Basis Example:

ABC Company pays for an AIM membership in the month of January thereby becoming a January AIM member for future billings.   In subsequent years, ABC Company will be billed on November 15th (45 days prior to their due date) with a January 1st due date to renew their membership.

Minimum Dues Brackets:

Full Time Employees             Minimum Annual Dues
               1 to 25                                         $350
              26 to 75                                        $450
              76 to 150                                      $550
            151 to 500                                      $850
            501 to 1000                                 $1,500
           1000 and up                                 $1,500 + $1.50 per Missouri FTE's over 1,000

Payment Options:

  • Annually (By Check or Credit Card)
  • Quarterly (By Credit Card Only)
  • Monthly (By Credit Card Only)

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